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From Dr. Hackensaw's Secrets, #19

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First 2 Minutes from audiobook I recorded for Librivox.

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Dr Hackensack secrets by Clement Fezzan Dean # 19. The Secret of the Super Telescope. Author's note, Shall we ever be able to make telescopes sufficiently powerful to reveal living things on the moon? If any such exists? Unquestionably yes. And in my opinion, the thing that would not be impossible at the present day by successive magnification. Using do care to reduce distortions to a minimum and illuminating each successive image to make up for the loss of light at each illumination. The fact that we have found neither air nor water on the moon is by no means proof that living things of some sort do not dwell there. Silas, said Dr Hacken saw impressively. I'm going to reveal to you and other of my secrets today. One that may have far reaching consequences and prove of greater importance than any of my other inventions. You have invented an improved telescope? Yes and no to that question. In reality I have devised a new instrument to take the place of the telescope and far superior to the latter in its power of magnifying bodies. Without detracting from their clearness, I spent many years trying to improve our present telescope, but only with partial success. I began by offering fabulous sums to the celebrated firm of opticians if they could produce for me a telescope far superior to any before made. The result was almost nil. Big bill to pay and nothing to show for it. Not a single new discovery of any consequence resulted. I then decided to take matters into my own hands, break loose from tradition and start on a new tack.