Zombie Attack Survivor - Animation - Sarcastic - Annoyed - Funny


Cocky Hero Animation - Arrogant - Sarcastic - Funny - Overconfident


Mysterious Horror - Animation - Scared - Paranoid - Nervous


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Stephen has always enjoyed playing a roll in a production. Whether it be as a main or background character, Stephen has always loved fulfilling a roll and playing a part. There are many ways to tell a story; whether it be in Animation, Video Games, Narrations... Stephen can fulfill the roll you are looking for and give you everything to make your character feel real. Making sure you have someone who can understand the character, the roll and the scene is important to have. However, also having someone who can find a balance of improve and take direction is very important to have as well. Reach out to Stephen today for your next story driven project!

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Sep 22, 2021

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Number of Words Up to 300
Delivery Days 3 Days
Number of Revisions 1
Non-Broadcast License
High Quality Audio File

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