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Prime time, reality show, gossip show, hollywood, EXTRA, comedy, sitcom, half-hour, sly, wit, humor, mid range, non-announcer.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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today Online, the amazing Amy Schumer confined Kelly and Mike about the pitfalls of her new movie, Superstar only done paparazzi twice. Once I think they just like, Thought It was Adele like they were just today. Online critics are calling bargain a perfectly mixed content. Medics and suspense washed down with notes of hilarious satire. Irregular, Highly Irregular is the time I found a human foot of a toaster were strong and Maura original. You forget to measure it against its namesake far when you're faced with hard truths and a liar. Lousy mother, it's good to have the support of your mother. She also parts under the covers and blames on CBS. Nobody cares what happens to a freak leading treat us. It ain't right except a freak. They're going to kill you. Show every Wednesday at 10 only on FX watchers. Three investigates, whether the to sun phenomena, Israel or fake. Then we investigate the tour codes with some of the world experts. Is the Torah mathematically provable? Are some of us encoded