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Castle Tales \"The Princess and the Pig\"

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This is the narration for the children's story \"The Princess and the Pig\" to entertain young preschool children.

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Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
This is Graystone Castle. This is King Leo and Queen Rose. They have two Children called Prince Max and Prince Alice max and Alice are playing outside. They have lots of old clothes for dressing up there, playing, playing at being kings and queens. What's that? Ask Alice. There's something in that big puddle. It's a small pig, says max. It can't get out. Alice picks up the pig. Poor little pig, she says he must have escaped from the styx and now he's all muddy and wet. Now you are all muddy too, says Max. Don't let queen mama see you. She told you this morning not to get your dress dirty. I'll go indoor, says Alice. She carries the little pig into the castle. Alice finds a bath and puts the pig in it. Alice fetches some water. She goes to the well and fills two buckets with water. Then she carries them back to the castle. Alice puts the water in the bath, she finds some soap and a brush. She washes the pig all over the bubbles, make him sneeze. The pig is very clean now, Alice lifts him out of the bath, she drives him with a towel. The pig tries to run away. The queen comes in. Where did you get that pig? And why are you dirty? She says, just look at your dress. Alice holds up the pig, I found him in a puddle. She says he's such a pretty pig, she kisses him on his snout. There is a big flash of light. What was that? Says Alice. She looks at the pig, he isn't a pig now. He has turned into a prince. Can't he stay with us? Says max no, says the Queen. We can't have a strange prince in the castle, change him back at once. Alice kisses the prince. There's a flash of light. The prince has turned into a pig again. That's better, says the Queen, Take him back to the sky and don't kiss him again, says the Queen. No, says Alice. I like pigs better than princes.