A Children's Audiobook; in American English, Counting Numbers

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A book for children learning to count from one to ten using Leaves as a subject. A cold read read with enthusiasm for counting.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US New England - Boston, Providence)


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one leaf. Two leaves, Count with me. A Children's book by john Miklos Jr and Clive Mcfarland. One leaf, two leaves on the tree. Three leaves. Four leaves count with me, five leaves, six leaves way up high, seven leaves. Eight leaves touch the sky. Nine leaves. 10 leaves, green and young. Here come more leaves. Spring has sprung leaves dance gaily swing and sway breezy blue sky. Summer day air grows chilly, whistling winds, leaves change color. Fall begins 10 leaves. Nine leaves on the tree ate leaves. Seven leaves, Count with me six leaves, five leaves, yellow and brown, four leaves, three leaves drifting down, two leaves, 1 leaf, orange and red. Soon some leaves become a bed rake leaves, take leaves, pile them high, dashing, crashing. Watch them fly wet wild weather on the way. Frosty, freezing winter day leaves lie crumbled on the ground. Light white snowflakes swirl around. New buds stir high on the tree, growing bigger. Watch and see. Soon green leaves from one until 10 will sprout and grow. Spring comes again.