Voices.com Example Holiday Season Script: Skillz4Lyfe Kits for Kids

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Was looking for an example I could read and not infringe on copyright. Found 45-Second Holiday Season Voice-Over Script Example: Skillz4Lyfe Kits for Kids.

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Reading a 45 2nd holiday season voiceover script example from voices dot com Skills for life kits for kids this holiday season. Remember? They'll love this time of year because you love it too, and you love it because you get to make them happy this year, make them happy and more useful. These aren't your run of the mill craft kits with googly eyes and sparkles. These kids make learning to sew a button, fix a toilet flusher and making macaroni salad into activities will actually want to do. Life skills are cooler than the newest video game. Make learning fun. Make kids useful. Give them a gift that gives back, give them a skills for life kids.