Mahatma Gandhi & OJ Simpson .... A Paradox in Time



This is an Intro on making a brief history of Documentary Films and the case of OJ Simpson & Oscars .Wiki on Mahatma Gandhi two completely different humans in past and present world , how it changed how we perceive judgement. One got killed for independence / one independently killed for freedom.

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one example of a good documentary was O. J. Made in America that was produced and directed by Ezra Edelman in 2016, that also won the category Best documentary feature at the 89th Academy Awards. The documentary explored race and celebrity to the life of O. J. Simpson from his emerging football career at the University of southern California and why America fell in love with him to being accused of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald, Lyle Goldman and his subsequent acquittal and how he was convicted and imprisoned for another crime. 13 years later, even though there are countless of awards that are given annually, they say that receiving an Oscar for any category is ranked number one and is the greatest honor anyone in the film industry can receive. Today, we will be highlighting a motion picture that is not only simple and sometimes education, but focuses on two to life events that is currently happening in our society documentaries. According to popular here, say the World Documentary was first coined by a Scottish document filmmaker john Grierson. His principles of documentary were a cinema's potential for observing life could be retold in a whole new perspective and with the belief that the original actor and original scene are better guides that they're fiction counterparts when making sense to the modern world and that content thus taken from the raw can be more real than the acted one. With this in mind. Grayson's definition of a documentary as created treatment of actuality has obtained some acceptance with this position slightly a bit different with the soviet filmmaker Ziggo Provocation to present life as it is and life caught unawares overall making documentaries is the complex process of creating documentary projects. That refers to what people do with media devices, content form and production strategies in order to address the creative, ethical and conceptual problems and choices that arise as they make documentaries. Documentary filmmaking can be used as a form of journalism, advocacy or personal expression. Just like movies, documentaries are nonfictional motion pictures that are intended to record some aspect of reality primarily from the purposes of instruction, education or maintaining a historical record. However, the scope of cinematic practices that you can do with documentaries are a bit limited. Today I am going to showcase a very short and brief life of Mahatma Gandhi mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as his full name was Gandhiji democracy or influence Gandhiji Gujarati or Gandhiji deduction Africa Gate, Andolan Disobedience movement or Gandhiji Action Africa SAn Congress Leader. Ballgowns Abbad Gandhiji Congress K mart san Beach, the First World War. Andolan july Andolan Sampur or josh quit India movement. My Purple Gandhiji Mahan leader. To a place a magic given maybe savage even our victim, january Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi was just 79 years old. Okay