The Devils Advocate



The Devil talks of how he feels in todays world scenario and his semi vacation .

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it was boring rain and I felt lucky to be in a covered bus stop. I was dry. I didn't even mind that the bus was late, which was a distant rarity. Only one other man shared my shelter at that last attempting to be friendly. I introduced myself. I asked him where he was going and he answered at present, nowhere in particular, I'm just going. As I recall by the next question was about this profession. A man turned to me and said Throughout history, I've been called the Devil's Advocate regardless of my profession, but that is a misnomer. I'm nobody's advocate. I am the devil. Most recently I was a professor of sociology at the university. I decided to humor him and asked how who claimed to be The devil could be mistaken for a devil's advocate. He chuckled and said, people are too blighted to recognize and understand me than to the vast majority of people wish not to believe in me. It's just so much intellectually satisfying to refer to the Devil's advocate, then to the devil himself. Leaving this topic of conversation for the moment, I questioned him further about his count line of work. Why aren't you still at the university? If you're the devil, you could have been a good background? I said, I said, Yes, he assured me such is the case, but it is not because of lack of information and knowledge that I am not working. It is because I have in previous generations done my job too well. I have brought the world to a point where disease itself is readily and quickly as ever. I could. I have to learn the whole of Western civilization into a perpetually served deceiving society. It is not that I don't know what I'm talking about in sociology or indeed in any other field. Indeed, I created the fields. It's simply that I am now in semi retirement. I have arranged things. I'm taking a rest a sabbatical, so to speak. Other men do not believe in me. They themselves proceed with my work at a breakneck pace. I am not always the first to be blamed for sin, but this makes me less noticeable. And I must say with a touch of admiration that many of the world's greatest men come up with some quiet, ingenious ways of deceiving the mass as though they themselves do not understand what they're really doing. Some of the thinkers in the last few centuries have come up with these ideas that I have never even thought of. Don't misunderstand me. Not that I couldn't have thought of them just that I didn't, On the other hand, I didn't even have to. They could not have had those ideas had I not carefully prepared these cultures first and their deceptions would not have had a snowflake chance in the hill catching on had I not done my work so well. So perhaps I will assume a new vacation. I think that next I shall perform as many psychologists. So the bus came and I got on top of it and the man kept standing at the bus station. He just looked at me and smiled. What is this world coming to? I thought when I spoke to him, was he really the devil? Or was it my imagination?