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This is an informational business sample about retirement finances.

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Can you sort fixed indexed annuity F. I. A fact from fiction. It's no myth. There is a retirement crisis in America. In fact, a recent study found, one in four baby boomers have less than $5,000 saved for their golden years. Lack of diversity further puts retirement at risk and only 9% of America is prioritizing financial diversity. A diversification strategy is essential to ensure balance and provide retirement planning peace of mind. That said, it can be hard to create diversity if you don't know what products to add to your portfolio. The same study found 22% of americans are not familiar with the most routinely used retirement products such as mutual funds, certificate of deposits, C. D. S and F. I. A. S, which are a great product to diversify. A common misconception is that F. I. A. S are too complicated or complex. However, F. I. S offer a simple story growth potential without risk of loss due to market downturns, as well as steady income stream in retirement.