Children's Audiobooks



A sampling of children's audiobook projects including chapter books and excerpts from picture books. Many use character voices, from a child to a witch.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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Minnie was all alone in the nest. Her brother and sisters were out learning to fly. Minnie was left behind because one of her wings did not open fully. That made her sad. She watched her siblings from the nest flap, flap flap. Her brother rose in the air while her sisters tried harder. Finally, the little birds learned to fly. What about me? Minnie asked in a small voice. We'll take care of you. We'll bring food for you. Her mother said, hugging her Monty, lived with his family and friends in a green mossy pond. The frogs were happy. They caught flies and other insects for food. They soaked in the water or sat around the pond. Enjoying the warm sun. Monty did not like to sit still for long. He loved to jump and leap. Everyone called him leap frog. One morning, Monty jumped over the bushes and landed on the road. This is super duper fun. I can leap and jump and run. He sang, taking a leap with every word Nikki believed fairies were real and fairy land was an actual place. When she was in second grade. She asked her best friend, Beth, don't you wish we could see fairies. You are such a baby. Beth said fairies aren't real. They're made up people. That night. Nikki asked her grandmother are fairies made up people. Fairies are not people and certainly not made up people. One needs imagination and vision to believe in them, which most people don't have. Her grandmother said, are they imaginary? Nicky asked? Hello, kids. I'm a magnet. My name is Mr Ferris Maglio. I'm going to be teaching you some fun facts about recycling. So listen up, I'll be joining Ellie in her story. Hi, I'm Ellie. My daddy has been teaching me about recycling. He told me to look for aluminum cans so we can help save the planet before long. A witch hobbled up the road, pulling a heavy cart. She wrapped the window and called out, I'm Hecky pig. I've lost my leg. Let me in. We can't. Mother told us not to let a stranger in Hecky peg took a pipe from her cape and stuck it in her mouth. I'm now sweet chickens. She called all I need is a light for my pipe. Bring me a burning straw. We can't mother told us not to touch fire. Hecky peg reached in her cart and pulled out a sack. I'm sure your mother won't mind. She said, look, if you let me in and light my pipe, I'll give you this