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Although there are recordings of John Coltrane from as early as 1946, his real career spans the 12 years between 1955 and 1967. During this time, he reshaped modern jazz and influenced generations of other musicians. Coltrane was freelancing in philadelphia in the summer of 1955 when he received a call from trumpeter Miles Davis looking for the perfect vacation. Try luxurious Dubai are majestic nightclubs will give you some of the best nights of your life. We also hosts many world class sporting events, such as the Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament and the Dubai World Cup. Von clamped his hand over the boy's mouth and pinned his arms, trying to silence his struggles. Be still boy! I'm here to save your life. Vaughn had been sent out with the rest of the kidnappers to find the escaped boy. It was fortunate that Vaughn had been the first to find him quickly. Von turned the child around and duct taped his mouth shut. Hi, I'm Michael Spencer. Thank you for listening.