50 Tips Parenting Audiobook

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This is the retail sample for the first audiobook that I narrated and produced.

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Having experienced the complete 180° change in my life's journey with the birth of my first child. I encountered many hurdles fears and unknowns. 24 plus years later I can reflect on what worked and what didn't now it's my turn to help others find the strength and courage to face this new chapter in their life's journey. There are no absolutes or direct how twos but some general tips for you to incorporate to make your journey a little easier. My world changed overnight or so it seemed having been told I would not have Children of my own. I was elated when I discovered I would have a baby. Finally, then after a long complicated pregnancy, I finally met my firstborn. He was perfect. Then it all changed. 12 days after he was born we were rushed from the hospital in Newmarket to the Toronto hospital for sick Children otherwise known as sick kids there I was told how sick my son was. His organs were shutting down. His body had become toxic. It was a genetically passed disease that doesn't show up more than one in 5000 births. only one in 25,000 and up with the degree my child had, they recognized the symptoms immediately though they could have treated that the issue was his body had not been processing waste properly and now it was in his bloodstream. My son went cold blue a few times and they said he would not make the night I am the mother of two adult Children. One had critical medical needs and the other dealt with mental health issues but I couldn't have loved them more. Also along the way I became a full time caregiver to three more Children. One of these kids has autism, complex post traumatic stress disorder, C. PTSD and is developmentally delayed. The other kids also have C. PTSD and anxiety. You could say I was given a crash course in raising kids with special needs despite the challenges. There were many skills I learned and developed along the way to help me raise five healthy Children for the sake of not covering every detail of the journey. I will highlight the first story and some of the things you may need to know or encounter along the way and how you can better cope through them.