Demo in English language. Covering voice overs for popular brands.

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Demo is for sample use only. Showing diverse voice ranges by using Ulta, Dick's Sporting Goods, ZzzQuil, and Target as examples.

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It's the color of love, a helping hand when you need it most the confidence to be yourself. This is our vision of beauty, a state of mind all to celebrating beauty for over 30 years. What makes a champion? What pushes us to keep going in the face of adversity? It's that fire inside the voice that says one more round, one more lap go the extra mile with ****'s sporting. Good time is valuable and it seems like we never have enough. Were pulled in so many directions, scrambling to cross everything off our lists. But at Target we make it easy. We're one stop shop for home goods, groceries, electronics, toys and so much more tossing turning by now it's your nightly routine, but it doesn't have to be with equal stress and insomnia will be put to rest so you can finally get a good night's sleep.