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Ethics by Benedict Of Spinoza

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the Ethics by Benedict de Spinoza, read by They see a hash first part off the ethics off God definitions definition one by goes of itself. I understand that whose essence involves existence or that whose nature cannot be conceived except us. Existing definition to the thing is said to be Finn it in its own kind that can be limited by another off the same nature. For example, a body is called finish because we always conceived another that is greater. Thus the thought is limited by another thought, but the body is not limited by thought, not a thought by a body definition. Three. By substance, I understand what is in itself and is conceived through itself. That is, that who's concept does not require the concept of another thing from which it must be formed definition for by a tribute, I understand what the intellect perceives off a substance as constituting its essence. Definition. Five by mood. I understand the affections of a substance, or that which is in another through which is also conceived definition six. By God, I understand being absolutely infinite, that is substance consisting off an infinity attributes off which each one expresses an eternal and infinite essence. Example, I say. Absolutely infinite, not infinite in its own kind. For if something is on Lee infinite in its own kind, we can deny infinite attributes off it. But if something is absolutely infinite, whatever expresses essence and involves no negation pertains to its essence. Definition. Seven. The thing is called free, which exists from the necessity off its nature alone and is determined to act by itself alone. But the thing is called necessary or rather compelled, which is determined by another to exist and to produce an effect in a certain and determined manner. Definition AIDS by eternity. I understand existence itself, so far as it is conceived to follow, necessarily from the definition alone off the eternal thing example for such existence, like the essence of a thing is conceived as a new journal truth, and on that account cannot be explained by duration or time. Even if the duration is conceived to be without beginning or an