Colorado River Land Trust

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Narration for conservation of natural resources video from UltraliteFilms.

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North American (General) North American (South West - Texas)


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mm hmm. Mhm. Texas, mm. They say everything is bigger here and the truth is texas is still growing. Yeah. It's the land, the water and the heritage that makes our state one of a kind. Mhm. But we need to protect it. Yeah. Yeah. Here in texas, we defend and protect our home and land without expecting someone else to do it for us. Yeah. People wake up here every day believing in the responsibility to their own backyard and that means protecting our most valuable resources, our landscape and its traditions. That is why Colorado River Land Trust is here to protect the texas experienced and just like the certainty that the land will continue to change and our rivers will keep on flowing. One thing is for certain land unites us all. Yeah, texas makes us better. Texas is a privilege. Texas is earned. Yeah.