Medical Mystery Case



Engaging medical story VoiceOver.

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in the emergency department. We see a lot. Most cases are predictable and involve a quick rule in or rule out diagnosis once they are in a room and we can see them, that is, but many are not textbook and things are not always as they appear. We had a 29 year old female present to us late one evening with severe abdominal cramps. She had severe abdominal cramping for the past five days and was weak and dehydrated. Her husband brought her to the er if you watch the walking dead, they were rick and lori grimes. Two weeks earlier, she had given birth to a healthy full term boy, £7.05 ounces. She began breastfeeding immediately and with success, but for the past few days was unable to do so because of her weakened state. Her husband attributed it to food poisoning as it began after they had eaten at an All you can eat buffet where the extended family had gathered to meet the new edition two hours after the chain restaurant outing his wife symptoms began and they kept getting