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The Age of the Scions. Available on Audible

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Narrated, recorded and edited in home studio

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Young Adult (18-35)


British, England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)


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as she ate, she noticed something sticking out from one of the rock piles. It looked like the corner of a book, a flash of lightning sunlight on the object. She could clearly see. A leather bound spine and yellowed pages. Anna walked over and dug through the rocks to uncover the large book that lay buried underneath. The dark brown cover had no title, and when she flipped through the pages, she was disappointed to see they were blank. Then her fingers pulled opened the last page where there was a single phrase written in black ink. Not only were the words strange and unfamiliar, but they appeared to be glowing. She thought that the poorly lit cave was playing tricks on her, but the more she stared at the writing, the brighter it got in cursive writing were the words Morph a Larry, um, morphed Crescendo. Malice s Terry. Um, underneath it was what looked like a name. Eldrick Sartorius morph a Larry, um, morphed cred. Endo, Moelis. Austerity. Um, Anna muttered aloud, trying to understand the sentence. It must be a foreign language. Suddenly, the wind started blowing unusually hard. It howled past the opening of the cave and shook the rocky structure. Anna dropped the book and fell to the floor. She covered her head with her arms, fearing the rocks were going to topple Over the ground shook and loose stones fell from the ceiling. Then, as soon as it had started, the wind stopped. The cave was filled with absolute silence. All Anna could hear was her shallow breathing and her fast beating heart opening her eyes. She was thankful to see that everything inside the cave had remained intact. It had even stopped raining outside. She stood up and picked up the book from the floor. The writing was no longer glowing. She ran her fingers over the peculiar words, then place the book in her pack. Her eyes were definitely seeing things. Anna laughed at herself, but thinking it was anything unusual. She was silenced when a glimmer of light floated into the cave. The colour was unusual. It had a pink you that rippled along the walls as if reflecting off water. Curiosity pulled her towards the oval opening, and she stepped outside. An unfamiliar forest greeted her. She was surrounded by giant trees that reached so high she couldn't see the tops. The massive trunks were covered in a soft blanket of green moss. Small flowers rested on the ground. They're white petals surrounding a soft yellow centre. A pink and gold pond lay before her, filled by a silent waterfall that flowed off the top of the cave. Anna had never seen anything like it. She couldn't even imagine something like this existed, especially not in Nome. Sheen out next to its misty banks and through a smooth stone into the water. No sound escaped as it disappeared below the cloudy surface. She reached her hand down towards the swirling liquid, but before she could touch it, a voice called out from the shadows. I wouldn't get too close to that if I were you, the voice warned. Anna felt backwards in shock. A plume of dust blocked her sight, and she squinted her eyes in an attempt to see who might be coming. Three ominous figures drew near. One of them appeared to be holding a sharp object. The other had an oddly shaped head. She imagined there could only be monsters of some sort, and she froze with fear. Are you all right? A girl asked as she walked into the light of the pond. Anna saw that instead of a right hand, this girl had a hook attached to her rest. Although she looked to be about Anna's age, the girl had short white hair. Hello, the girl asked. Can you hear me? But Allah couldn't answer. She couldn't even move. She just sat on the ground, dumbfounded. The dust cleared and the two other figures came into view. They stopped at the Gulf side. There were both boys, one taller than the other. Anna saw that the one who she thought had a strange shaped head only wore a pair of goggles on top of his red hair. Boy Felix, you really know how to put someone at ease, the red haired boy said sarcastically. I don't suppose you could do much better. Claimed Drop, the white haired girl yelled back. She raised her hook to the boy's throat and gave him a mischievous smile.