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Real person, conversational explainer with London accent.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (General)


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Hi, I'm Kaylee, and I'm a team leader at the co op. I've just been chatting to a new member of our team, making sure they're settling in okay and explaining the great benefits that Coop offers. Like the Pace DC pension scheme, Pasty C is a flexible scheme with some really valuable contributions from the co op. There's even an online modeller that shows what your benefits could look like when you finish work. It started me thinking about when I joined the coop a couple of years back. After three months, I was automatically enrolled into pasty See, I've got my own account now. Each pay period, some money goes directly out of my pay into my account, and the coop puts in even more. It's all done automatically. At first I didn't pay in that much, but I realised that I could be missing out because the more I put into my account, the more the coop puts in. So I decided to put in a bit more each pay period, knowing that if money ever gets a bit tight, I can easily lower my contributions and with the money from the co op and the tax savings to get so much more into my account that I actually pay in. I know there were a few ways I can invest my money, but for now I'm happy for it to be invested into the default fund. I've even transferred money from a previous pension scheme into pasty See. So now I only have one account to manage, and it's my money. So if I ever leave the coop, I know it's still there for me. Pasty See also provides financial protection for my loved ones. I filled out a nomination form, so if the worst happens, they'll get an additional lump sum from Pace, plus the pension savings I've already built up. And when I finally do retire, I'll get to choose when and how I take my savings. I can take them any time after my 55th birthday, and I could take them all as a cash lump sum sum of it tax free, receive an annual income or keep my money invested and draw it out when it suits me. How I take my savings is up to me. So whether you're just starting or you've been with the co op for years, cheque out the pension website and modeller to see how pasty C can help you