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Ability to narrate for Training, Audio Book, PSA, and general Voice Over work.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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the character Sherlock Holmes was introduced in a study in Scarlet in 18 87 but didn't really take hold of the public's imagination until Strand magazine published a series of short stories called The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Once he caught on, the public couldn't get enough of homes and his sturdy, confident the retired military doctor John H. Watson, residing in London at 2 21 B. Baker Street. The great detectives personality set him apart from any other character of the Tylo. Thank you for your inquiry. No Bad lion. How easy with the claws, Josh. Ah, little help here. Things could be a little wild here of the Ranger station of the Medford Wildlife Safari, and that's the way we like it. In fact, wild is our specialty. Use a state. Josh Shelley is a lion. Rare will do while we lure this not so ferocious predator out of the feeding area. Why not leave us a message? Oh, and if you'd like to buy your tickets in advance or arrange a group visit, press the pound key to enter our automated reservation system. Thank you and Shelly says, have a ferocious day stumbled out of the door and use the wall to hold myself up. The rain that had relentlessly pelted me now became a blanket. The thick fog hung around my ankles, shackling me to the events of the past six hours. I could hear sirens moaning there, dirges in the distance. I took a cigarette out of my coat. They would be here soon. Here to witness this mess no longer what I run. I've run too far for too long. Flames jumped out of the warehouse behind me looking the midnight sky The echoes of gunfire from this dark knight had now become one with my pulse firing blanks somewhere in the back of my head. Hi, I'm Mark Brubaker. Thank you for listening.