The Cradle of the Raptor



Audiobook read for the start in a series of books. Female voice, middle-aged, believable and authentic.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (US General American - GenAM)


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to those of you who have lived this story, this is for you. Charlotte stood at the chipped porcelain sink of her kitchen in the small grey stucco house nestled in the South Dakota pines. Her life had been hard, and she had no real prospects for improvement anytime soon. She side and rested her swollen stomach against the sink as she surveyed the frigid white landscape beyond her kitchen window. It was, she thought, as cold and bears her soul. Her mind scrolled back to the scenes of the previous evening, and she felt goose bumps form. The pastor's house had been filled to overflowing, and the noise of worshippers had steadily increased to a low roar punctuated by occasional screams. As another worshipper got the gift, she had finally convinced Carl to bring her home, but he had immediately returned to the gathering, leaving her alone in the cold darkness. A slow shudder ran through her thin body as she relived the past few weeks there, calm little chapel had been seized in the grip of radical revival ism, and suddenly her whole world was twisting and shaking. Besides the unpredictable and boisterous behaviour, there were unexplainable supernatural happenings, including prophecies coming true before their very eyes. The movement had begun among the young people who had ended up congregating in the pastor's house, where the visitations and manifestations had continued nonstop for more than a week.