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This a a compilation of some recent work.

Sam Elliott, Ray Ramano, Peter Griffin, Richard Kind, Trucker, Banker.

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England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC), US New England (Boston, Providence), US South West (Texas)


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Oh, just making room for the helicopter pad. You know how traffic is on the weekends? If we're gonna get to the beach house without going mad, this is really the way to go. Not yet, but mega millions has a new way to win it all so we can play for that beach house helicopter money. Did you know the tobacco industry spends a million bucks an hour on marketing? But the products just keep killing people. I'm a mental organism designed only for killing it on the dance floor, inevitable embarrassment, predicted to occur in 2.739 seconds. What if there was a place where everything? Mid market takes center stage, a place that's the perfect intersection of professional expertise, pure power, opportunity and solutions. The majority of jobs that make up our distribution center are related to tasks perform in the warehouses. Holiday scratch offs are perfect for everyone on your list, the florida lottery, it's your ticket claim it, Everyone will call you crazy for thinking outside the box. But everyone used to say the world is flat and everyone was wrong. Besides, these are the same people that used to put hydrogen in blimps and that was bad