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one of the most important things you need to know for the CCN exam is the OS I model. As you likely already know, the OS I model forms the theoretical backbone of communications across networks. Cisco uses the model to discuss not only the nature of network communications but to aid in trouble shooting those connections and explaining the function of their own products. The model is so completely inseparable from the Cisco certification, in point of fact, that their interpretation of the model is the only one you really need to go by. Remember the days when you could arrive at an airport and walk directly up to your gate. The world has indeed changed over the last several years, and your organization should be changing, too, with the increased complexity of disparate threats. Your network, just like an airport, needs to be protected at each layer of potential risk. Think for a minute about your typical airport experience first arrived at the airport, you need to head straight to the ticket counter to identify yourself. Request a boarding pass. Once your identity has been verified, you can then check your luggage and proceed to your gate. The first step to enable change is to create awareness of the need for change. Awareness is the first element of the ad car model and has achieved when a person is aware of and understands the nature of the change, why it's needed and the risks of not changing. Pineapple growers and Ghana were resistant to implementing codes of practice for the crops. Codes of practice or techniques and methods were growing crops that improve the overall health and safety of the product and associative process. DHL Global fording Government and Defense Services has a clear mission to meet the specialized needs of U. S government entities by providing strategic shipment options, safe and secure pickup services and worldwide delivery execution each and every day of the year. Tom Wilkins dot com