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Welcome back to the Golf Digest, NBC Sports What would you shoot? Us? Open sweepstakes. This'll is football Southern football, from the bluegrass to the Mississippi Delta with great Smokies. This is Titans football. It cannot be captured in a moment. It's the space between seconds between inches, Notre Dame basketball. CHARLOTTE, North Carolina Under a blazing hot sun, the Carolina Panthers hosted the Chicago Bears in a week to match up featuring 21 on no teams entering Sunday's contest. The temperature wasn't the only thing that was hot. Coming off impressive wins and weak one. Both teams look for continued success on the field. The Bears were trying to open the season with two straight road winds of feet they haven't accomplished since 1963. Every day they could be found on the public courses and in the country clubs Dean off early, walking the course, ending the round in dusk. Knowing that far on the last hole will just feel the desire to play another round attention. It's for expands. Now. You can get a six months of Sports Illustrated free. That's right. Why are we in sports? Think about how much a part of our Daily Lives forces. For thousands of years, people have gathered toe have these shared experiences. It's been called the Super Bowl of competitive sports fishing. Each year, over 200 teams from all over the world come together for the busy bee's black and Blue Marlin tournament. Heart. The core of emotion, courage and enthusiasm. Conviction the heart to carry through vigorously to a conclusion. Team A family gathered with conviction by a joint effort, S A, C. U and the Spurs defining excellence.