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Welcome to Elite Bantam Paradigm. This is the voice of world control. I bring you peace. Initializing really bad guy Satin This Explain it from the sun and the second largest planet in the solar system. This the extent of public knowledge until the recent events. Directives, Two hours, Robertson Family destroy systems, intellect that cool and unsympathetic regarded this with envious eyes and slowly and surely do their plan against us. I really want one by Mecca, our second off mine, maybe one you were traveling through another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound's mine. Traffic report for L A 10 freeway jam traffic on the 90 a. M 6 40 k w l a. Just receiving word of an injury crash on the 10 freeway involving a limousine that's got the left. Four lanes of the westbound lanes closed, causing major delays all the way to downtown and the Hollywood Freeway. Yeah, the area go. The other thing I've ever seen. My banker space Noah jazz young thing goes in. It is a dis equilibrium system blowing itself on a saxophone through the streets of an unknown, and it 400 years in someone else's future.