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guys like Pabian, better known as Augustus Caesar, was born in Rome in the year 63 b. C. The son of the governor of Macedonia. His great uncle was Julius Caesar. Octavian rose to power when he was only 18. After the assassination of Caesar in 44 BC United with Mark Antony, Octavian set in motion a manhunt for those involved with the assassination. His alliance with Anthony was an uneasy one, and in several years Octavian would trigger the events that would result in Antony and Cleopatra is demise. Two dimensional cinematic equations are used to describe the motions of objects moving in both the horizontal and vertical planes or the ex end. Why planes? Two types of motion fit into this category. Projectiles and objects travelling in a uniform circle. Projectile motion equations allow you to calculate the speed, height, distance and time. It will take any object that is thrown into the air and travelling along a curve to arrive at a point. Imagine looking off towards the horizon, crystal clear in the blazing sunlight and startlingly close. You can only stand there and admire the view for a fraction of the day, though you see a single day on tiny mercury last for 176 Earth days. In fact, there is no atmosphere of any kind to blur your view of the horizon on mercury. The solar winds ripped it away long ago. Even if you had all the air you needed Your long, lonely trail of footprints in the mercury in regular if would end when you fell over dead boiled in your space suit by the brutal 400 degree temperature. Hi, I'm Will Thorne. Thanks for listening.