Baby Animals of Africa TV Narration Work Sample

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This TV Narration piece was written and produced in my home studio. The voice has been described as warm, believable, distinctive and engaging.

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It only takes a few months for the African leopard to give birth. Usually to a litter of 2-4 Cubs. They start out tiny, blind and hairless and completely dependent on their mother. They will stay along Mom's side anywhere from 18 to 24 months until they are abruptly sent on their way to fend for themselves and never to return. By contrast, the African elephant cow gives birth after a lengthy pregnancy that could last up to two years. And the baby elephant known as the calf weighs in at a whopping £200 and stands close to three ft tall. She is also nearly blind at birth and depends on scent, touch and sound to recognize its mother. This calf will stay with the herd for most of her life, but her brother won't have it so easy. The male elephant known as bulls will no longer be welcome in the herd. Once they reach maturity, they will be driven out to seek their own territory.