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The Annual Race Across America Bike Race - 23 minute documentary followingTeam Phenomenal Hope from UPMC

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Oceanside, California and the team and crew have finally all assembled. It's the day before the race begins, and officials make sure everything is up to RAM specifications. But there's still some time for relaxing and even an interview with ABC s Nightline. Later, there's a meeting of all the teams to go over important rules, procedures and guidelines and to introduce all the participants way the day isn't over yet. Dinner has been arranged by the local chapter of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association to honor the team in Crude Way. The next morning, everyone is up early and ready to go, but First crew chief Kate Bennett goes over some last minute points. I just wanted to go over briefly are based Bibles because I think it has some information for you guys. And with that, it's off to the races. As the sun begins to set, Patty and Ameri begin their ascent of Wolf Creek Pass, the highest elevation of the race. The sky grows doctor, and the 30 MPH cross winds make the past even more challenging. Finally, the heroine dissent is done, and the team princes only through the Colorado Mountains and on to Kansas and the beginning of the Midwest. And although it might be fled, it is hot like they trek across Kansas is a grueling two day affair, with the heat in building humidity taking their toll. Fortunately up ahead of the next RCT point, some of the local kids have found the team and given them rock star step tonight, including a much appreciated treat, not for the faint of heart.