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Welcome back to the Crime does Pay podcast where we discuss history's biggest heist, the criminals that got away with it and the hunt for new clues to crack the case. Here are your host, retired detective frank Malloy and world renowned criminologist, nancy Butler. You've tuned into the Love in life podcast where our goal is to strengthen the bonds of love in your marriage and bring the best out of you and your partner. Today we'll be joined by dr Vance Littles who has a PhD in relationship counseling and has written numerous books on love and relationship matters, including the new york times bestseller, The loving home. Now here's your host, the love guru herself. Amanda Jennings, thanks for listening to the car show with randy Feldman. If you like what you just heard, we hope you'll pass along our web address the car show dot com to your friends and colleagues and please leave us a positive review on itunes. Be sure to check out our archives section on our website for previous podcast. Check us out on facebook and twitter at the car show. This has been a randy Feldman production join us next time for another edition of the car show. This podcast was brought to you by the Bay View Institute of International Studies and the marquez family Foundation. For more information about the Bayview Institute's international environmental program, please visit our website at www dot B I I S dot e D U Jason. Reid and Philip torch produce this podcast with the help of the digital media comments whose mission is to connect the institute to the world with digital media.