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There's so much history here in Charleston, from Colonial churches to antebellum mansions, 19th century hotels and Mawr, Charleston is full of notable sights. No place in town is more story. Ford something It was here in Charleston Bay that the first shots were fired in the Civil War, setting off a battle that would shake the world. Mohammed Ali was the greatest spots of his there, one of the greatest athletes 20th century. But his legend goes way beyond sports. In the late sixties, when the country was in turmoil and Ali was at the height of his fame, he took a stand against injustice. Inspiring millions in the process as a customer service specialist, patients is the ultimate virtue. Whether you're trying to calm an unhappy customer or trying to help them use the product, you need to slow down, listen and figure out the best solution. And remember, fast service isn't necessarily good service. Often times slow and steady is the customer service. Race eagles are beautiful creatures, but they are also lethal predators. Thanks to the amazing eyesight. Eagles conspired pray from up to two miles away, and when they strike they strike fast diving from above at speeds of up to 200 MPH before snatching their prey.