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as winter turns to spring. Washington spends his time wisely. His men are battle hardened but lack the skills necessary to fight toe to toe with professional British soldiers. So he enlists oppression. Military officer named Friedrich von Steuben to give the men a stern dose of European military training. By 7:15 a.m. stronghold is destroyed. Overwhelmed German forces are surrendering. Now the battle is balanced on a knife's edge. It was time to close up, so she reached for the lock. Suddenly, from the door came a thunderous knock. She opened the door. And to her surprise, three Children. No costume, not one in disguise. No costume, no candy. You all know the rules now Go away, Children. Mrs. Dietz is no food. Just as the Children were going to explain slam with the door to show her distinct off came the costumes and my what a fright! It was tricked. She had chosen so off with the lights. This scenario shows an at risk behavior being identified and avoided by the interaction between the employees. This reinforces the importance of each person taking responsibility for their actions and the steps they're required to do during their daily jobs at Alfa. We believe that each employee is responsible not only for their own safety, but for the safety of those around them. In other words, if you see something, say something. Your records need to be a simple to use tools to allow you to determine and understand your financial position at a moments notice. They should also be able to substantiate the validity of your records and reports for the I. R s, your banker or investors when and if required, once that's accomplished, will try to understand how you can use this information in various ways as a tool to improve the efficiency and cash flow of your horse operation.