Tom Fry's Stadium Announcing Demo



Tom has had a lot of experience doing stadium announcing. Whether you're looking for a sports announcer voice or something for a video game or commercial, here are some examples from a couple of gigs he has had over the years. It features MLB and NBA.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Coors Field for today's game between the ST Louis Cardinals and your Colorado per Rockies. Here's the starting lineup for the visiting Cardinals leading off and playing shortstop. Number 22. David Eckstein vetting second playing left field number 16. Chris Duncan Vetting 3rd 1st baseman number five Albert Fans. Frontier Airlines would like to invite you to Coors Field this Friday as your Colorado Rockies take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. 1st 10,000 fans will receive a Todd Helton bobblehead doll, courtesy of Frontier Airlines. That's the Rockies and the Dodgers this Friday at 705 p. M. At Coors Field. And now let's meet the starting lineup for your Colorado Rockies leading off and playing center. Field number three. Willie heading second, his second baseman number one. Jamie Caroll betting third playing left field number five Matt Holiday and the cleanup hitter wearing number 17 playing first base. Todd Health playing right field number 11. Jeff Francis. Ladies and gentlemen, your Colorado Rockies already. Ladies and gentlemen, the Pepsi Center welcomes the world's greatest fans for tonight's MBA contest between the defending champion San Antonio Spurs and your Denver Nuggets and Now, ladies and gentlemen, girls in boys, Let's make some noise for your Denver Nuggets at guard, six foot four from the University of Minnesota. Number one, though. Sean at guard, six foot two from the University of Utah. Rise and shine for the A M number 24 under a Miller, The man in the middle standing six feet 11 inches from the University of Massachusetts. Number 23. Marcus Camby. Boom at forward. There's a blue light special in sporting goods. He's six foot nine from the University of Cincinnati. Number six. Kmart, Kenya, Martin. And at the other forward standing, six foot nine from Syracuse University. It's time to get mellow for number 15 Car. Melo, Anthony and your head coach. George Karl. Denver. Let's play some basketball.