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I worked on this for a school project. I edited it all of it myself.

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Snow White adapted by jane Gerard long ago in a far off land. A princess was born with skin so pale and lovely that she was called Snow White. As the baby grew into a young girl, she became more and more beautiful each year her stepmother the Queen, It was also very beautiful. The Queen had a magical mirror, and every day she would look into it and ask Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of us all? The Mirror would always answer you. My Queen are the fairest in the land, and then Queen would be very pleased because she knew it was true. But one day when Snow White had grown to be a young maiden the Queen asked Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of us all this time? The Mirror answered you. My Queen may lovely B but Snow White is fairer still than be. The Queen became very angry because she could not stand to have anyone in the kingdom who is prettier than she from that day on the Queen hated Snow White. When the Queen can no longer bear to look at the beautiful princess, she called a woodsman and ordered him to take Snow White away from the castle forever. The woodsman took Snow White deep into the dark forest and left her there all alone. Snow White became very afraid. She heard mysterious noises and saw frightening shadows. Snow White was so scared that she began to run as fast and as far as she could. Finally she came upon a small cottage. When no one answered her knocks. Snow White went inside. There she found a little table set with seven plates and seven little beds were lined up against the wall. The hungry princess nibbled a bit of food from each plate. Then she threw herself down on the seventh bed and fell asleep. Seven dwarfs shared this little cottage. Soon they came back from the gold mine where they worked. How surprised the dwarfs were to find Snow White sleeping in their home. They let the lovely girl sleep until morning, and then they asked her how she found her way to their cottage deep in the woods. When they heard Snow White Story, they felt sorry for her and asked her to stay. Snow White took care of the cottage, and the dwarfs gave her food, friendship and shelter in return. Snow White was happy living with the dwarfs. But one day back at the castle, the evil Queen again asked Mirror Mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of us all? The Mirror replied you, My Queen may lovely b but Snow White is fairer still than me. The Queen then knew that Snow White was still alive, so she quickly made a plan to get rid of Snow White by herself, the Queen soon found out where Snow White was staying, and she went to the dwarves cottage disguised as an old woman. When Snow White saw the old woman at the door she invited her in. Snow White did not know that the old woman was really the Queen. The Queen offered Snow White and Apple, and when Snow White took a bite she instantly fell to the floor. The Queen had placed poison inside the apple with a shriek of laughter, the Queen rushed back to the castle. She hurried up the steps and ran to her mirror. Once again the Queen asked. Mirror Mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of us all this time? The Mirror replied. Gone is the Beauty of Snow White and you are the fairest in my sight. Soon the dwarves finished their daily work and came back to their cottage. They found Snow White on the floor, but they cannot wake her. The dwarves decided to lay her in a glass case so they could watch over her. One day a Prince came by and saw Snow White lying in the case she was the most beautiful princess he had ever seen, and fell in love with her instantly the prince opened the glass case and lifted Snow White into his arms. As soon as he did this a piece of the poison apple fell from Snow White's mouth and she awoke from her deep sleep. Snow White slowly opened her eyes and looked up at the prince's face. She saw that his eyes were filled with love at that moment she too fell in love. The next day the Queen once again asked her mirror, who was the fairest in the land. The Mirror answered you, My Queen may lovely B but the Bride, Snow White is fairer still than the the Queen could only shrink in anger, knowing that she had failed to get rid of Snow White. That same day the dwarves dance with joy as Snow White and the prince were married right there in the dwarfs garden. Mhm. Mhm.