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Right now, it's just a empty parking lot, the usual asphalt concrete and painted parking spaces. But this weekend it transforms into the west side of complex giant year end clearance. Thousands of cars, new use demos all at ridiculously low prices. Any brand and model you can imagine. Trucks, SUVs, sports cars. Every website dealer will be there, and they're ready to de if your idea of a vacation is to wait hours in an airport, then cram yourself into an airplane so you could go to some hotel, which is not that much different than all the others. Then you may not want to listen to this message, but if the idea of actually seeing some of this magnificent country of ours up close appeals to you, we want to invite you to a very special event just for people who think like you do. The countdown has begun. In just seven days, Southern Ford opened the doors of Houston's new Ford Superstore. I need a new truck. Then you need to see Bill Woods Ford, where you can choose from over 202,000 Ford F 1 50 starting at only 1 49 50 this is the story of Mike in jail, who decided it was time to get the family a new recreational vehicle while they were driving all around Southern California. They tried to keep the kids busy while they searched to find that just write home for the road. Ever meet someone and like them immediately? They just make you feel comfortable. That's the feeling. You get a toilet in Knoxville. There's no confrontation when it comes to buying a car, but there are pleasant surprises. The TK Cafe always has something hot and tasty to try. There's only one truck that's tough enough for this sale. Nissan Titan It's come to our attention that there are a lot of people who don't have any idea just how many recreational vehicles or a travel and USA right now, there are more RVs than you can count. On one hand, there are more than you can count on both hands. In fact, there are more than you can count on a dozen hands, which I'm sure you don't have their arm or our Visa Travel and USA than there are security holes in your Internet browser. There are more RVs, and there are insipid reality programs on the network schedule. Which reminds me, if you're sitting at home watching reality programming on the weekend, you're missing out on something really important. You're missing the entire darn country. There's power, and every spark bears power and every frame. There's power in every creation. There's power behind our imagination, powers, custom cycles. In God we trust all others pay cash.