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it is on this hallowed quarter mile that history was made and repeated, and once again, the smell, the feel and the sound of fire breathing machines return to the A, C Delco and HR A. Gator Nationals were top fuel and funny cars explode on now breaking news reports the digital production buys. Listeners are receiving a 20% discount off Ken Imax three D real time animation system now toe jumper one for a closer look. Okay, lets say it started pouring outside. You know it's going to take hours to get to the office, and you also got a deal with all the clowns on the road. Weapon learned to drive in the rain. Here's a tip. Get your work done from home. Come see if you can survive the terror. The screams on the fun as the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers presents, Are you ready for some racing? Are you ready for some racing? While supplies last