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That was Ben, spell founder and CEO of Good Ranchers. This is the Farm Traveler podcast and I'm your host, Trevor Williams. On this episode, I'll be chatting with Ben to learn more about why he felt called to start this direct to consumer meat company and why they're focusing on sourcing all their meat from American farms and ranches. Ben explains one of the biggest issues with meat labels in the United States, which includes the appeal of the country of origin label, also known as The Cool Law and why some of the world's biggest meat companies influenced that appeal back in 2015. He also raises the question that if everything from our clothes to our silverware have to have the country of origin label, why not our beef and pork? We'll also talk about the import and export numbers for beef in the United States, the green washing of food and why we should support American farmers and ranchers now more than ever. But before we get started, this episode is brought to you by ad careers dot com. Check out ad careers for exciting career opportunities in the agriculture industry. Now, please enjoy episode 209 with Ben Spell.