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This is a Narrative demo that features the topic of South Korea, Brandy the R&B singer, Nigerian Fried Rice, and the Siberian Tiger.

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jagged mountains that overlook green for its remote islands with clear water and white sand, and one of the world's most vibrant cities, where 5000 years of history and culture indoor no country on Earth packs more into a small space than South Korea. When Brandy Norwood was only 14 years old, she was already displaying the talents, which would make her a star. The only problem? Waas No one had taken notice yet, so she started performing at showcases in time it shows. And before long she caught the attention of Atlantic Records, who immediately offered brandy a recording contract. The girl from small time Mississippi was on her way. Fried raises well, the most popular dishes in Nigeria. It is also easy to make using cooked rice mixed with onions, peas and carries. Then add curry powder, ground pepper, fried chicken stock and a little salt by everything in a saucepan with the half a cup of oil. Now it's time to eat. Tigers are the biggest of the big cats, weighing in at over £800 compared to £550 for an adult lion. But despite their incredible power, tigers will lie heavily on their intelligence. Is the stealth to catch their victims by attacking from the side or the rear