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English, Dungeons and Dragons setting history

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A brief excerpt from the campaign setting Ebberon from Wizards of the Coast DnD handbook.

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English (North American)

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Senior (55+)


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Every child knows the story of the progenitor, Dragons, sigh, bris, Lebron and Khyber. In the dawn of time, these three cosmic beings created 13 planes of existence, each embodying a concept. Their final work was the material plane, where all ideas would become manifest, a realm that could no war and peace, life and death, order and chaos. But cruel Khyber sought ultimate domination over this new reality. She struck Sybers without warning and door him apart ever on wrestle with Khyber and bound the traitor in her coils, but ultimately could not defeat her. So Albarran became a living prison, a world that would forever contain Khyber is evil.