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Children's Story Narration

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I have read an excerpt from a popular children's story with a Moral ending.

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the milkmaid and her face one day molly. The milk meat had years of deals with milk. A job was to milk the cow and then bring the milk to the market to sell, molly, loved to think about what to spend her money on as she built the pale strip milk and went to the market. She again thought of all the things she wanted to back. As she walked along the road, she thought of buying a cake and a basket full of fresh strawberries. A little further down the road, he spotted a chick. Simple with the money I get from Today. I'm going to buy a chicken of my own. That chicken will the eggs, then I will be able to sell milk and eggs and get more money. She come to me with more money. I will be able to buy a fancy dress and make all the other milkmaid jealous. Out of excitement, molly, started skipping, forgetting about the milk in the field. To the milk started spilling over the edges, covering models, french molly said to herself, Oh, no, I will never have enough money to buy a chicken. Now. She went home with more Mtp. Oh, my goodness! What happened to you, molly's mother last? I was too busy dreaming about all the things I wanted to buy that. I forgot about you, she answered. Oh, molly, my dear, How many times do I need to say? Don't count the chickens until they hatch moral of the story. Don't count your chickens before they have