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enter Hegel. Pyro. Who could I have? As a detective, I reviewed such detectives as I had met An admired and books. There was Charlotte Homes. The anomaly. I should never be able to emulate him. There was all seen Lupin. Was he a criminal lot of detective anyway? Not my kind. There was a young journalist and all of the bill in the mystery of the Yellow Room. That was the sort of person who I would like to invent. Someone who hadn't been used before. Who would I have? A schoolboy? Rather difficult. A scientist. What did I know of scientists then? I remember our Belgian refugees. We had quite a colony of Belgian refugees living in the parish off tour. Why not make my detective a Belgian? I thought there were all times of refugees. How about a refugee police officer? A retired police officer, Not to a younger one. What a mistake I made there. The result is that my fictional detective must really be well over 100 by now. Anyway, I stepped on a Belgian detective. I allowed him to slowly to grow into his part. He should have been an inspector so that he would have a certain knowledge of crime. He would be meticulous, very tidy. I thought to myself as I cleared away a good many untidy odds and ends in my own bedroom. A tidy little man. I could see him as a tidy little man, always arranging things, liking things in pairs, liking things, choir instead of round. And he should be very brainy. He should have little grey cells of the mind. That was a good phrase. I must remember that. Yes, he would have little grey cells.