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The sale sample for The Secret Admirer by Marian Snowe and Ruby Grandin, available on Audible.

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the large conference room near my desk was booked from 10 AM onwards. This consultant was being brought in to help the execs from the two different companies work together better, the email read. Something like. Our goal is to strengthen our market influence through leveraging strategic teamwork. But after a couple months, I was starting to learn how to decode the corporate buzz speak. What the email really said was, we want to make obscenely large amounts of money, so we're spending a bunch to teach you how to work together without bruising. All your massive egos also were feeding you all lunch. Yea, catering. I myself had called the catering company, and they would probably be arriving around 11 so they'd have adequate time to set up. I double check the outlook calendar. In case any frazzled managers came by asking where the meeting Waas conference room to 20 reserved from 10 AM until four PM consulted, visit Ellery Chandler, Ellery Chandler. That sounded like an old man's name. Probably yet another Baldin due to the bad comb over, and a fat belly strained the buttons on his suit coat. I side they always like to flirt with any woman who looked under 40. I resigned myself to pasting on a big smile and pretending toe laugh at his jokes when he arrived, and I'd have to unlock the conference room for him. And those jokes might take. Who knew how long? So I'd better get to work assembling reports if I wanted them to be done on time. Excuse May. I've got a meeting here. A 10. Could you tell me which room? My men, a smooth, feminine voice made me look up. My name is Hillary Chandler. A woman in an expensive black Armani suit stood there in front of my desk. Her jacket had a slash of grey silk trim around the lapels that drew the eye and gave it a touch of elegance. It fashioned with one sleek black button on her left side. Her pants increases so sharp they looked like they could cut you, but the suit was nothing compared to the woman wearing it. Ellery Chandler had sculpted cheekbones, appointed chin and stunning silver hair. It wasn't gray, it wasn't white. It was silver, and I swear it almost seemed to glow. She had striking blue eyes surrounded by lush charcoal lashes. And she was tall, maybe almost six feet. It was hard to guess from my seat. It was actually hard to think anything at all faced with this woman. She just asked you a question, dummy. Um, room to 20. I forced myself to stop staring and open my desk drawer to retrieve my keys. I'll just unlock it for you. Thank you. She looked down at my name plate. Miss Parker. Nice to meet you. She extended a hand over my desk. I swallowed once and stood up leaning in to shake her hand. I don't know what I expected, but her hands were warm and a little rough. Not at all. Like most other executives, I'd known it should have been assigned. The Ellery would never be like anyone I'd ever known. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Chandler. Her perfect mouth twitched into a little smile as she obviously noticed my staring. Her lips were painted with a deep red lip color that somehow made her hair even more radiant. My cheeks warmed with embarrassment. Please, she said, Just Ellery, I'll save the Miss Chandler business for your bosses. I ducked my head, hiding a smile. If you'd care to follow May, I gestured towards the conference room. I'm sure you need some time to set up. I unlocked the room and held the door for her. I was surprised that she wasn't pulling some kind of card or even a rolling suitcase. All the other consultants we'd had came with practically an entire box cars worth of stuff, from flip charts to handouts to baseballs and boxes of keys they used as metaphors for corporate issues. All Ellery Hod was a slim black attache case that was as sophisticated as she was. She went into the conference room and paste around it as if surveying her stage. The room was long and rectangular and elongated. Oval table dominated that space, flanked by leather rolling chairs. Plate glass windows lined the longer walls. One side looked into the reception area, my desk and the fancy art and waiting area chairs and coffee table. The other side looked out over the city. We were on the 30th floor, so the view was really amazing. You could see over the tops of the buildings, and it was absolutely breathtaking at sunset. Just let me know if you need anything at all. I said, Thank you, Cara. I'll let you know. And then she smiled at May. Not a huge, glowing smile that radiated joy and love or anything. Just a very small, quiet thank you smile. Nothing special, just an expression of casual gratitude. And I swear my knees went weak.