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Chapter 19 Part two. Mom, you're a genius. Tyisha said the whole family relaxed out on the penthouse with this traveler, time tiles, glass and brass railings and a partial overhang of granite. Their new home on Thompson Street had six bedrooms each with a large shower or bath. She got a bath, but she could trade the freedom towers lit at night as a symbol of freedom, making them feel safe. In the big apple with the Bluhm mom slung mashed potatoes on everyone's plate. I might not play chess like you or your dad, but I think I have a flair for taking care of all my charges. True. The role of teacher and parent merged and mom scored huge. Jerome poured some more red wine for mom. My sweet boy, I love it. Here, I have all new friends. I didn't forget my old ones. Can I have a couple up next weekend, Jerome poured a little for Sicily. May mom corrected may I? Yes, honey, we have the room. They certainly did with six bedrooms. I love your pot roast. Mom Claire said, what's for dessert, finish your dinner first, sweetie dessert is a surprise. Claire had a thing for desserts and dentists. At least she brushed her teeth. May I be excused Sicily pushed back her chair on the cherry wood floor. Where are you going? Mom? I'm not a baby anymore. Mom crossed your arms. They're recruiting for the sororities with a big mixer so far? I like alpha sigma tie on paper. I want one based on mutual support with an accent on excellence in education and career. Will the fraternities be there Sicily's face and shifty eyes said yes, I'm not sure. Probably be back by midnight. Okay And don't walk back alone if you are alone, jerome and I will come get you. Thank you mom. I love it here. Cecily kissed everybody and then took the elevator. It must not have been formally dress up because she wore ripped blue jeans that didn't hide her ripped thighs. The boys will flip. Can we go to the sour patch store tomorrow? Claire asked, looking like she needed the candy right now with all that fidgeting. Yes. As long as we have a wholesome lunch. I know wholesome. It's a deal. All the brown kids got straight A's Claire, although silly was a genius in her own right. She knew everything about candy, ice cream and french bakeries and now dance excited her. Just mom and tie trekked over to Washington Square park, absorbing the beautiful mini arch to triumph fountains, dog park vendors, some tourists and N. Y. U. Students on a warm cloudless day. We'll be seeing that man with the odd first name. Yes. Mom. Did you know that Carlos Petrovic had been ex K. G. B. And probably see a after he defected, yep, I had him checked out and he's also a senior master. But do you trust him? Let's talk about it tonight After we sit with him for a few games and conversation? Okay. They bought three fat pretzels to a deli mustard and strolled around the dog enclosure to the chest tables. He waved them over to his table and they took the long bench up against the three ft tall stone fence separating the walkways and tables from the grass, trees and squirrels. Hello marjorie to Aisha. This is proposition from old man who has nothing better to do than to help girls become world champion. Are the rumors true? I know about your career with the KGB. I do not walk on water. I help my country, the country turn on me. And when you got here I worked for state Department just like public records say were you c I a Tyisha asked. I cannot say what I did for them. But malu sheika I am retired and ready to help for free. I'm not a baby anymore. Your ****** does not do you justice. How much Russian do you know? I learned enough to read chest books and magazines. Good. There are many Russian chess books not known to english speakers. She has a dossier marjorie. Everybody has a dossier. You call it google if you wish. Your daughter is famous, brilliant. And because of this she needs three things. One protection from intrusive paparazzi criminals wanting to take money like gangs in compton and foreigners who have been known to poison the Russians might but not likely anymore, but players competitors maybe. He shrugged his massive shoulders too. A good trainer who respects your wishes to balance education you say get back three strength of U. S. Government to help her reach all her goals including funding. Um Nash co his eyes twinkled as he stared into ties soul like dracula. OH Nashville Clever one. Right. If they took him up on his offer at least she could practice Russian. But what of his chess skills while playing her mom seem please his cellphone shirt today. I have called no time for games before they left him in the park. Mom said we'll get back to you outside of ear shop on Thompson. Mom grabbed his arm. What do you think? Ty he looks like a Russian bear and a little bit scary. A lot scary what I could find thai interrupted. I know the KGB poisoned his wife because he assassinated a high ranking soviet for reasons unknown to us. He was an assassin. Yes. Mom, I don't want to kill anybody. We'll have to tell him not to do that. Mom laughed and it became contagious. I prefer to beat my opponents not to bury him or her. Do you think our government helps other celebrities. Mom had to know the answer to this. So ty waited for mom to answer her own question. Well they give support to olympians and I guess others if he has retired something stinks how can he speak for the US government? Can you call the State department and find out where mom mom text Carlos Petrovic told him. Thank you very much. But he must wait a little more. He wrote back. I wait for a sign to shine. Half as bright as your daughter. The rarest of all gems in bed stuy some. And daddy Knowing full well at her advanced age of 10 1/2, that she played both parts in a little drama. But she loved it. And how could she know the unknowable faith? Yes. She had faith in life. After life. Heaven maybe reincarnation. Maybe she'd hang her hat with Einstein God existed, but not as a white guy with a long white beard. She, however, is all powerful and amazing. Daddy whispered, even though she had her own bedroom now. He's a good man. He only assassinated those who tried to destroy society and were killers. He's a little creepy like dracula with his wavy black hair with some slick Oh, that's just there to intimidate with Carlos by your side. Your opponents might resign before the game begins. They both chuckled. I want to win fair and square. So I asked him to be invisible. That's a decent christian thing to do. Let's play. They played a scotch variant That drew in 23 moves often and before she kissed daddy. Goodnight. Her mind traveled to Gorky park Russia there. She walked with the ghost of Mccabe move in it. The six world champion electrical engineer and computer scientist of some distinction. The champ bent down to say, you have body a ballerina like my daughter Oka in mind. Like velazquez, the scientist as a chess player, appealed to her kin understanding of probability theory. Daddy kissed her forehead good night.