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two guys walk into a bar. Oh, you think you've heard this one? Think again. two more people walk in, brilliant woman from brazil missing their home little and they're agua de Coca. A lot cue fireworks. two guys fly to Brazil. That was 2003 and that's when and where Mike and Ira has an idea for vita Coco. They were drinking coconut water. Everyone was, it was packaged and sold in stores right next to bottled water and soda mike kept reaching for the coconut water. Everyone did. It was refreshing, delicious and made people feel great because it was natural. Unlike the stuff junking up shells back home Q light bulb cut to Brooklyn to Brooklyn. That's for mike strapped on his roller plates and created the U. S. Market for coconut water From Bodega to Bodega at 1st, then bureau to bureau. Then before long, considerably beyond roller blading area. Remember coconut water wasn't anywhere. Then vita Coco was everywhere. So the big sugar water overlords got jealous and brought their way into the market. They figured they'd win, We figured we fight. So when a coconut water war, you need to have some things your competitor doesn't, for starters, away more coconuts that comes from building the business right from the supply chain. Too strong relationships with farmers and factories on top of that is crucial to have early adaptations by health and wellness, trend setters plus the passion hustle and vision of a fearless underdog, any Adriana that helped to fast forward, we won and kicked off a healthy beverage revolution. One that proved there was a market for better for you products and a demand for business that made them the right way.