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Narration Demo recorded via SOV productions. Varied examples in demo.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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strength training is only effective if you're using the proper form. Each exercise is meant to isolate a particular muscle group, so if you're cheating and using more of your back or legs, you're not getting the full benefit and what's worse, you may be hurting yourself To get humans ready for the long journey to mars nasa, astronauts must first undergo a series of tests to ensure that they can withstand the extreme psychological pressure. This triple demand. Then there's the issue of extended confinement. How will astronauts deal with sharing a cramped space for almost two years? When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in december 1941 their goal was to incapacitate the american Navy, thereby neutralizing their presence in the pacific and they almost succeeded, but America bounced back and just seven months later at the Battle of Midway, the U. S. Proved it was still the most powerful navy in the world. Teddy Roosevelt was a sickly child who spent most of his youth indoors, so when he came of age he was determined to make up for lost time pursuing the strenuous life. Roosevelt became addicted to adventure and by extension the outdoors. This passion would have a profound impact on the future of the nation.