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Sales Pitch for Telemundo Television Network

Voice Over • Video Narration


Telemundo is the world's largest digital out of home network. This is the voice over for a video that airs on their network, You Tube, and other social media.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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is changing. The U. S is now the second largest Spanish speaking country on the planet. Technology is evolving faster than at any time in history, and media consumption is skyrocketing at epic proportions, with a cross platform buffet that includes everything from TV, radio and Internet toe iPods, ipads and smartphones from in home out of home, they're constantly on the go in the car, on a bus, at the supermarket, in a doctor's office, or even cashing a check. The battle for your consumers. Attention of spilled out of the living room and into the streets. Welcome to the Revolution. Welcome to Telemundo into Moon Telemundo in your world, the largest digital out of home network in the country serving the U. S. Hispanic market, fueled by Telemundo's custom integrated content are out of home network. Connect with Latinos throughout their day, influencing purchase decisions in an innovative way targeting their habits and behaviour, where 70% of those decisions are being made while shop delivering focused and dynamic messages. In this key emerging lifestyle, media engaged influence activity. This is Telemundo and to moon supermarkets, bridging the gap between advertiser and consumer in several 100 independent Hispanic supermarkets, where behavior is driven by cultural relevance and familiar increasing your ability to communicate in store with the shopper and reach them at the moment of truth when purchase decisions are being made. Transit TV 2000 L A Buses average commute time. 1.5 hours over six million weekly riders, One captive audience delivering your product or service within Telemundo's compelling programming, coupled with custom geo targeting opportunities, take advantage of the pro long dwell time in more than 500 check cashing and money transfer stores. Telemundo and to Mondo extends the reach and impact of your marketing message. While you're consumer waits in line the wire money home or cash their check. Medical officer Telemundo into Window offers advertisers ah, unique vantage point to reach another type of place. Health conscious consumers. The average wait time of almost 1/2 hour represents a singular opportunity to reach these consumers when they're thinking and proactive about their health. Connect with Latinos throughout their day in the things they do and the places they go, engage influence, activate Telemundo and to Mundo's join the Revolution