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Freddie is a nine year old girl who loves many things. Freddy loves puppies. Freddy loves baseball. Freddy loves the color blue, but what Freddy loves most is peanut butter sandwiches. Freddie, this mother side, you have to eat other things besides peanut butter sandwiches. No, I don't. I only like peanut butter sandwiches. Freddie, you never try anything else. How do you know? You won't like, say, ham and cheese sandwiches. I don't want to eat him and cheese sandwiches. I won't. I won't. I want Braxton Museum Association would like to welcome you to our exhibit on Tibet. Tibet, located in South Central Asia, is famous for its high altitudes. Mount Everest rises in southern Tibet within the Himalayas. The north is bordered by the Queen loon arrange that rises more than 20,000 feet. Ghar, a town in western Tibet, is located more than 15,000 feet above sea. Choice quality service Affordability. This is Johnson's furniture store. We want our customers to know us by these terms way express our image through the use of advertising and our promotional department period. Johnson's Do we appeal to the consumer and if so, why thes air? Just a few questions we need answered to ensure that our efforts at promoting Johnson's furniture are successful. It takes feedback whether it's positive or negative in order for us to move forward. But we need everyone's participate. Thanks for listening. I'm Michelle came.