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group. Captain Hargreaves of Lancaster Bomber to oven FM. How do you read Over having studio here. Go ahead. Captain Roger Oven FM, Our flight passed of the beach festival. 12th of July is scheduled for 15 45 hours over. Okay, Captain, that's 3 45 PM Shame a car Megane earlier. We've got a lot lined up this year. It opens promptly at 10:30 a.m. With the mayor of Merits of Neath Port Talbot. We have Children's funfair, Captain Beany Punch and Judy Craft Fair even a flight simulator and a parachute jump by some your colleagues in the r A f We've got a live entertainment in the quarters pavilion with local bands plus rock bottom. It should prove to be a fun day for all the family. 12th of July this year Free parking nearby Enough space even for your Lancaster bomber. Sorry, Evan, Take flame shed Julie now we'll see you What? 15 45 on the 12th of July 11 Seafront festival. Have a good time. Everyone Tally ho