Trip to Doctor's office

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Guy prepping for conversation with Dr.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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you're here. Great now it's time to sit up straight shoulders back focus and get to work your role here is simple. It's just three lines. But it could help get the conversation started. So let's practice together. Okay, here we go. Interior doctor's office day Doc. I'm living with type two diabetes. The leading cause of death for people like me is cardiovascular disease. What can I do to help lower my risk? Whoa. Okay. That's heavy. Seriously scary stuff. But you're the one in control with this scene. Your performance could help you better manage your type two diabetes. So let's run it one more time Doc I'm living with type two diabetes is the leading cause of death for people like me is cardiovascular disease. One. What can I do to help lower my risk and scene. That's it. Just three simple lines. But this rule could be one of the most important in your life. So talk to a doctor. Uh huh. Wait hold on. I was just thinking about how cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in people living with Type two diabetes. Yet it has been shown that more than half of the people with diabetes do not consider themselves at risk. This could include events such as stroke heart attack or CV death. Imagine how devastating that would be. And not to mention that people with type two diabetes are up to four times greater risk of stroke heart attack or cardiovascular death. Just think about that for a second. If you have Type two diabetes cardiovascular disease may cut your life short. That could mean missing thousands of important moments in your life time with loved ones, birthdays and family celebrations. Now I'm willing to do whatever I can to lower my risk. And that all starts with having the first conversation with your doctor. Sorry to interrupt this beautiful scene, but at least I'm not a heart attack stroke or cardiovascular death. The no nonsense truth is that if you have Type two diabetes, you're at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, cutting your life short. But just one conversation with the doctor could be the first step to lowering your risk and many more uninterrupted moments like this.