Ken Burns \"Baseball\" Documentary Opening - Part 1

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Original opening to Ken Burns' famous 1995 documentary on \"Baseball.\" I've long admired his work, that series in particular and found the poignant text both wistful and hopeful. I felt it would be a good vehicle to demonstrate my narration skills in my natural voice.

I also enjoyed selecting and dubbing in the music to the selection.

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it measures just nine inches in circumference, was only about five ounces and is made of cork wound with willing yard covered with two layers of cow hide and stitched by hand. Precisely 216 times it travels 60 feet six inches from the pitcher's mound to home, and you could cover that distance at nearly 100 miles an hour. Along the way, it could be made to twist, spin, curve, wobble, rise or fall away. The bat is made of turned ash less than 42 inches long, not more than two and 3/4 inches in diameter. The batter has only a few thousands of of the second to decide to hit the ball. And yet the men who fail seven times out of 10 are considered the game's greatest heroes. It has played everywhere in parks and playgrounds, in prison yards and back alleys and farmers, fields by small Children and by old men by raw amateurs and millionaire professionals, is a leisurely game that demands blinding speed, the only game where defense has the ball. It follows the seasons beginning each year with the fund expectancy of springtime and ending with the hard facts of autumn