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A story about an old dog

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Welcome to learn in. English through stories waleed Murad, let's begin and all dark. A man has a big garden around his house. An old dog comes into his garden. The dog looks at the man and then lies down next to him. When the man stands up and walks to the house, the dog walks behind him. When they are inside the dog jumped us on the sofa, closes his eyes and he sleeps for one hour. Then he wakes up and walks through the door. The man lets the dog out The next day the doc comes again. He jumps on the sofa and sleeps for an hour. This is happening every day for three weeks. The man wants to know where the dark comes to his house. He writes on a piece of paper. These words. Every afternoon your doc comes to my house and he sleeps for one hour on my sofa. Then the man puts you this piece of paper on his collar. The next day the dog comes with a different piece of paper on his collar. It says he lives in a home with four Children. He needs some quiet place to relax. Can I come with him tomorrow? This is the end of the story. Thank you