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Kenyan (East Africa)


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This is Martine. He lives in a small village in rural Uganda. When his father died, he was forced to drop out of school and had to forage for food in the local forest. His mother, Mary, had no way off supporting her Children and was struggling to cope. Many families here are desperately poor, often surviving on just one meal a day, with the Children helping out at home. In order for the family to survive, they cannot afford the books, pens and uniforms required to send the Children to school, thanks to we See Hope and their local partners. Mary was introduced to the Village Investors Program when it was set up in her village. The program enables adults in our community to save money together, take loans and receive training to start a business. This helps them to support their basic needs off their family. Mary Miss with her group every week where they loaned out money and discussed business ideas. With the money that she has made, Mary's able to buy food for her family, she can afford to send marching back to school as well as put money aside for the future. The village investors program was created by We see hope and is now delivered as one of our key programs across five countries in Africa. With your help, we can set up more groups, impact more communities and bring meaningful change to the lives of Children. Just like Martin, we see hope. Do you?